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TVC Allied Growth Program

Your Solution for Success.

Let us supercharge your client compliance through automated email campaigns that help your hospital drive compliance and increase revenue for Bravecto  , Sentinel  , and Nobivac   brand products - it's easy, and best of all, it's free!  
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Offered by TVC, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, and driven by AllyDVM, this opportunity is an exclusive offer limited to a select number of TVC partnered hospitals.


DON'T MISS your chance to enroll and grow your practice this year! 

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Target pet owners in your practice who have not purchased any preventatives in your practice or are lapsing on their current preventative. You will also be able to remind those that are due to repurchase their preventative for both Bravecto and Sentinel brand products. 

Bravecto Chews


Bravecto Topical Solution

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Core and Lifestyle Vaccine Campaigns

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Educate dog owners who currently vaccinate for Bordetella but not dog flu (CIV).

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TVC, Merck and AllyDVM care about the security and safety of your practice data. All client and patient information will only be used by AllyDVM to fulfill campaigns. This data will not be sold or shared for any reason.